Welcome to EasyBNC™!

Welcome to EasyBNC.com,

the best place on the web to get reliable and high quality bouncer hosting for IRC networks. You can request or rent a fully featured ZNC bouncer on our request page. Need help setting up your BNC? Get Premium to profit from live support by our staff.

EasyBNC provides reliable hosting solutions for IRC bouncers on chat networks such as QuakeNet, EFnet, Undernet and many others. Our services allow you to access IRC networks anonymously and securely. Apart from hiding your IP on IRC we do also make sure that you will be online on IRC 24/7 and never miss a single message. You may access your BNC from multiple devices and various clients. You can fully modify your BNC either by using our webpanel or the command line in your IRC client.

Be sure to read our rules!

list Every free account is limited to one network. You may upgrade to premium to add up to 25 networks. list Your free account may be deleted if you were reported inactive for several weeks. list You are limited to one EasyBNC account. Contact us regarding accounts for teams.
list If you are breaking EasyBNC's or network specific rules we will not hesitate to remove your BNC permanently. list We may delete your free account if your traffic usage is exceptionally high. list Using your free BNC as a bot or for idling purposes is not permitted.

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